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by Higher Power

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Recorded by Jason Fuller at Goatsound Studio, Melbourne.
Cover art by Mike Bukowski

Lyrics and Music by HIGHER POWER


released June 17, 2013

Oscar McCall - Vocals
Llobby Lloyd - Guitars
Colin Kercz - Drums
Baina - Bass



all rights reserved


Higher Power Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne Hardcore band featuring members of Most Precious Blood, 50 Lions, Hit List & Outsiders Code

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Track Name: Leave No Mark
feet first
into a world i'll grow to despise
ignorance is born
and spread by apathetic minds
i'll make no mark on this place
and disappear like a thief in the night

crushed by the wheels of progress
lie and wait while we're bled dry

rot with the masses in guilt
the left hand feeds while the right hand takes
behind every curtain lies and hides
those who pull the noose so tight
as the cycle binds

i've been lied to by everyone
but those who share my name
i'll leave no mark on this place
i'll leave no mark on a world
that i'll grow to despise
Track Name: Razor's Edge - Lights Out

bow to the liars
embrace the fakes
buy in to the actions
if that what it takes
fall fall fall
then blame us all
ivory towers
crash and they fall

walk the line, the razors edge
burns the candle from both ends

who hide behind their name
their truths
time will bring the end

live and die in servitude
time reveals truths / you're true form

try and try to taint whats mine
so much talk nothing real to say
my hatred for your world
the only fire that will never fade



i've seen enough to know
the rise and fall, failures of those
who seek their time in the spot
light only to dwell
in the darkest shadows
when the light goes out.

no further to sink
to the bottom
no more to break
for the broken

feed the addiction
dwell on what was and used to be
let the hands of time
strip everything from you
give in while the parasites feed
laid out for the world to see

hold it close
call it home
Track Name: White Smoke
emerge with dead eyes, sterile robes of gold
cast down empty well wishes to the lost souls
bow low, take a knee
before the new king's throne
sworn in by hypocrites and thieves
burn the misread pages
that let the genocide breed

there is no voice of a dead god
no trials for the unjust
yet the white smoke rises again

deny our history, forget the past
lesser nationals crumble
faith in fear will go the same way

yet the white smoke rises again
the blood of the son runs black
when the words of the father fall short
Track Name: Debts and Regrets - Salt the Earth

i was born with nothing
and i'll die with less
a lifetime of falling short
burdened by expectations
bury me
with my debts and regret

born with nothing
as days merge into night
the beating hearts
and dreams of youth
dead and decayed
under cold, hard rotten bone
no stories of former glory
or brighter days left
to be told

death whisper in my ear
carry me away
take me far from here
i've seen all I need to see
learnt all I need to know
there's nothing here


salt the earth, salt the earth
burn it all, never to return
salt the earth, salt the earth
existence fades, the tables turn

feel with earth shift under the weight
taste the dirt in the air, combined world hate
witness the population rise at alarming rates
watch the sky burn and know it's too late

multiply and mutate
survive by any means
multiply and mutate
evolve, we are the disease

beyond the cycle
the new order
the new apex
the predator disease
colonise and breed
no one is exempt
just ignorant and naive
no control, no quarantine
Track Name: Wish U Dead
wash your hands of me
i know you hate that
with or without you i'll be fine
grand illusions, lost your mind

i was never taught
to forgive and forget
memories last
the past is a curse
i wish you dead

i just cant see
how you could've made it
far enough to reach my sight
cut you down, make things right

climb to the top to scream
you self righteous fuck

its a long way down
face first into the ground